S2-E07: Campaign Creation: The Diabolist

This week we focus our attention on one of the 13th Age Icons of the Dragon Empire: the Diabolist. We discuss various perspectives of who she might be, what might motivate her, and even toss around some ideas on a campaign arc with her as a primary feature.

If she is prominent in your campaign, leave a comment, and let us know what your take on her is!

The 7 Icon Campaign article discussed in the show is actually one of the 13th Age Monthly installments. You can find out more about that here.

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S2-E02: GM Screen and Resource Book

Today we take a look at one of the most useful resources to any 13th Age GM: The Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book. Join us as we crack the cover and talk about what you can expect to find inside and whether or not we think it’s worth picking up.

S1-E03: Interview with Rob Heinsoo

This week we interview Rob Heinsoo, one of the creators of 13th Age! We take advantage of this opportunity to ask him questions like

  • Why 13th Age?
  • What is playing 13th Age like at your table?
  • What is your favorite 13th Age mechanic and monster?
  • What is on the horizon for 13th Age?
  • and many more!

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