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JMIconicProfile        JM

I enjoy long walks on Mount Doom, philosophical debates with Jaghut in the depths of the Deadhouse, and cold glassfuls of player’s tears. Over my long career as a GM, I have developed a well-deserved reputation for tough games where actions have consequences. Strangely enough, I still pack out tables. If I am not running games, I am planning them. Or working on my first novel.

Currently I am running Infinity, 7th Sea, Runequest,, 13th Age, and 13th Age Glorantha. 13th Age gives me a great balance of heroic action, narrative mechanics, and ease of running to make it a go to game for me.

MarkIconicProfile        Mark

I got started in gaming waaaay back in 1981 with AD&D. Friends in High School got me to play, and I was hooked from the start. I have played all the variations of D&D except 4th. I liked all of them, and I also like the way the OGL has allowed others to share their versions of the game. All games have their own house rules or interpretations of the rules and that is what I see growing in the independent gaming world. I also have tried and enjoyed many other games/systems like Shadowrun, Traveler, Seventh Sea, and Star Wars (both the d6 and d20 systems).

I like 13th Age, both as a player and GM. It has the “I am the hero” that some of the other grittier systems don’t have. I hope that by co-hosting the podcasts I will become more familiar with the rules and share some of my experiences with our listeners.

 NickIconicProfile       Nick

Many times I still feel like a newbie when it comes to gaming, despite having played for several years. I’ve mostly been a player, but over the past year or so, I’ve stepped into the GM role which has greatly broadened my perspective on gaming.

I first encountered 13th Age as a stand-in for a group that needed another player. The in-and-out-of-combat mechanics and the Icon Relationships had me hooked. Now I have a better grasp of it and the story-telling potential it has, and I’m more excited than ever about this great RPG!


Hello all! Thank you for being so welcoming, I’m ecstatic to become a full host on this awesome podcast. I don’t have the experience everyone else does around here. I caught the role-playing bug when I watched Titansgrave on Geek & Sundry and it was a small leap to watching that much larger D&D show back in 2016. I convinced several of my friends to try playing D&D as a favor to me. It was contagious. Being the Game Master speaks to my writer’s soul.

I was invited to try 13th Age and fell in love with the deep story-telling aspect of it as well as feeling like a hero! The One Unique Thing about your character gives players an instant buy-in to the world and makes the story feel alive. Now, I’ve played D&D(5e but hopefully soon 2e), 13th Age, Pathfinder 2e, The Dark Eye, Fading Suns, Jackals, Call of Cthulu, Runequest, and Castles & Crusades.


2 thoughts on “About Your Hosts

  1. Hey guys – I can’t tell you how glad I am you are all back. There are a few of 13A actual play podcastn but none there are about 13A. I felt the void left by your absence & am looking forward to more content.

  2. I just discovered you this past week after deciding to take the plunge and, after 5 years of wanting to do so, pulling together a group to play 13th Age. I have listened to about half of the first season already and am anxious to catch up on the rest. Looking forward to new content, and thanks for all the thought and care that you obviously put into this podcast.

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