6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Greetings,
    I’m not a 13th Age player but was referred here from the BRP forums. Just wanted to express keen interest in Jackals and wish you all the best getting that thing on the street.
    Chris Perry
    aka – Kozmas Schmierfink/HeirophantX

    • Chris,

      Thanks for reaching out! I am super excited about getting Jackals out there. I appreciate your interest, I did not know BRP had a thread about it!

  2. Hey, just wanted to mention that your Foundry review wasn‘t really fair. 2-10 hours investment is not enough . I bet you didn‘t learn how roll20 or dantasy grounds works in that time either 😃.
    For dice rolls check out the addons „dice so nice“ and „dice tray“.
    You didn’t mention how excellent the sheets are. Throw in the powers and talents and get everything calculated for you, even the escalation die is build into the system, once the players are in the combat tracker.

    For a level up you just type in „2“ beside the lecel entry and everything will be automatically calculated for you 👍😃

    And you don‘t need to be a programmer to adjust powers. For example: In the description of a power for a strength roll just write [[d20+@str.mod+@std]] and you are sorted. Its all explaint in the last tab.

    Anyway, I don’t want to rant, your podcast is brilliant, keep up the good work 😃👍

    Regards, Loco

    • Loco,

      Thanks for responding! We appreciate it. You make a ton of great points here. I – JM here – agree that the sheet is sharp. It is one of the things I liked most about Foundry (after the music interface :) ).

      As for the investment time, I hope that came through in our review, we tried to make that transparent. For me – again JM’s opinion only – I picked up on the basics of R20 and FG fair quicker than Foundry. Your point about the add-ons is great, and that does sound like it would greatly improve quality of life. I will check those out and may post a bit of an update afterwards.

      Thank you for taking the time to reach out, listening to the show, and for the kind words.

      The Iconic Crew

      • here a preview of what is coming :)
        [video src="https://mattsmithin-files.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/power-importer-alpha.mp4" /]

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