S2-E07: Campaign Creation: The Diabolist

This week we focus our attention on one of the 13th Age Icons of the Dragon Empire: the Diabolist. We discuss various perspectives of who she might be, what might motivate her, and even toss around some ideas on a campaign arc with her as a primary feature.

If she is prominent in your campaign, leave a comment, and let us know what your take on her is!

The 7 Icon Campaign article discussed in the show is actually one of the 13th Age Monthly installments. You can find out more about that here.

And don’t forget that in the month of July, you can receive a 10% discount off your pre-orders of Loot Harder: A Book of Treasures and The Book of Ages by using the promo code POD#ICON18LHBA

9 thoughts on “S2-E07: Campaign Creation: The Diabolist

  1. Ooh, is Loot Harder coming up for pre-order today? The intro got me excited, but it seems to not quiiite be live as of time of writing.

    • I thought it was available, but I’m not seeing it either. I’ll look into it. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • No problem! Trust me, I’m watching that release closely. The first Book of Loot is a great resource for DMs, and I’m sure Loot Harder will be similarly beneficial.

        Though I already had my preorder, I would definitely encourage anyone who hasn’t to take advantage of the Book of Ages discount, though. Our party went through a 12-Age Engine a few weeks back, and we’ve learned some amazing things. For example, the original undead never served the Lich King, that actually happened in the 12th Age. The originals were Druids who became “blessed” by Misslefinger Flower, the extract of which instills the Blessing of Eternal Life. Unfortunately, it also leads to corruption over long periods of time, which lead to the Eternal Archdruid, the undead’s first icon, murdering the First Priestess in the Eighth Age (aka The Age of Fractured Hope).

        We also learned about a race of squirrels that protected the wilds against an expansionist Empire for many, many Ages, at one point controlling 95% of the Empire from their lush forests, until succumbing to the Terrible Emperor and his dutiful Archmage in the 9th Age. This was also an Age where Devils infiltrated the Empire thanks to the Covenant of the Circle, as a secret cult dedicated to balance. They needed red tape to slow the Empire’s war machine and restore balance, and who better than Devils to create needless bureaucracy?

        Anyway, the Book of Ages is amazing, as I’m sure you’ll discuss in a forthcoming episode. In a session or two, a group can create an incredible amount of story hooks, magic items, dungeons, and present dangers.

    • It’s now available for pre-order. Again, thanks for pointing that out to us!

      And thanks for your quick review of the Book of Ages. I’m really looking forward to going through it! :D

  2. How do you do a podcast on the Diabolist and not mention The Book of Demons that has whole sections devoted to the icon?? I recommend mentioning in the next podcast.

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  4. A great episode here. So many interesting angles that could be taken on the Diabolist, as I was listening I really wanted to participate in the discussion! Great work!

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