S2-E16: Escalation!

This week we bring Tim and Sherm onto the show to talk with them about the 13th Age fanzine, Escalation! It’s a wonder publication that’s made by the fans for the fans, and if you have not yet read them, you really should!

You can access the five Escalation! volumes as well as their 13th Age Glorantha adventure, Skyfall, by going to https://escalationfanzine.blogspot.com

And if you are looking for other fan-created resources or are wondering how to share what you’ve made, head over to the Vault of the 13th Age!

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S2-E03: The Overworld and Beyond

This week we talk with John Marvin (of Dread Unicorn Games) and ASH LAW about their new kickstarter, The Overworld and Beyond (13th Age RPG Planar Adventures). They helped us understand what sort of product they’re hoping to publish, what some of stretch goals may be, and why 13th Age GMs would want this at their gaming table.

Listen in on the conversation, then go check out the kickstarter!