S5-E04: Foundry VTT Revisited

In Season 4 Episode 25, we discussed a Virtual Table Top program called FoundryVTT. That discussion garnered much follow-up interaction with our listeners, and we are pleased to have another discussion on it! Joining us this time are Foundry developer Cody Swendrowski and the creator of the 13th Age module, Matt Smith. We get to hear from them what makes this a unique VTT as well as some exciting 13th Age-specific features in the pipeline!

You can find out more information about this Virtual Table Top and try out a demo of it at foundryvtt.com.

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3 thoughts on “S5-E04: Foundry VTT Revisited

  1. Great episode and a great thank you to Matt and Cody for their amazing work. I got back into 13th Age thanks to Foundry VTT and the wonderful system you guys put together. I actually learned about Foundry by listening to “The Splitting Dragon Empire”! Thanks again!

  2. as someone with a dungeonmoon in both of my 13th age games ( the one thats like the dragon empire, and the one thats like old old rogue trader) i approve of this message.

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