S4-E25: Foundry VTT

This week we discuss one of the newer Virtual Table Tops to the market, FoundryVTT. We talk about some of the things that make this a unique VTT, what sort of 13th Age support it has, and some of our likes and dislikes of it. You can find out more information about this Virtual Table Top and try out a demo of it at foundryvtt.com.

It’s worth noting that between the time of our recording and publishing this episode, an update was released for the Foundry 13th Age system that resolves some of our critiques. For more information, visit the module’s website.

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2 thoughts on “S4-E25: Foundry VTT

  1. Thanks for the podcast. One of my favourites. Enjoyed this episode very much but think you may have glossed over one of the core features of foundry which is the plugin modules. Dice tray for example offers a simple way to roll dice from chat. Or dice so nice offers beautiful configurable animated dice. But for me as a GM it’s things like tokenizer which allows me to use web URL to upload and tokenize an image in game or Kanka integration that allows me to import journal entries from a campaign management tool that are the big selling point. Foundry VTT is written from the ground up for developers to extend it, fantasy grounds is awful to develop for and roll20 requires a pro account, until this changes foundry is the only system that can leverage a willing army of community developers to drive the system forward. Feel free to contact me if you would like a demo of some of these features. Oh also there is now an encounter generator.

    • Stephen

      Thank you for the response and the kind words. You bring up a good point, and we will look into plug-ins, and possibly do a follow up article or episode. You are not the first fan to bring up plug-ins as a way to customize the Foundry VTT.

      Thank you for the insight, the response, and for listening. We look forward to another season of 13th Age and Iconic with you!

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