S2-E13: Interview with Cat Tobin

This week we brought Cat Tobin, co-owner and managing director for Pelgrane Press, on the show. We had a great discussion ranging from how she was introduced to RPGs to how she became co-owner of Pelgrane Press to what sort of 13th Age products we can anticipate seeing!

It was a wonderful conversation, and if you want to hear more from Cat, follow her on Twitter! (https://twitter.com/CatTHM)


And just as a reminder, if you don’t have a copy of Book of Ages or Loot Harder yet, now would be a great time to pick up your copy of it! Through the end of September, you can receive a 10% discount off your pre-order of both Loot Harder: A Book of Treasures and The Book of Ages by using the promo code POD#ICON18LHBA 

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