S2-E20: ASH LAW’s Patreon

This week, we brought ASH LAW back into the studio to talk about his 13th Age-focused patreon. We talk about what sort of resources he’s created, what he’s working on now, and what we might expect in the future.

If you’re interested in supporting ASH’s work or gaining monthly access to new 13th Age resources, go to www.patreon.com/ashlaw

And if you’re curious about the articles ASH has done for the Escalation fanzine, you can download the free volumes here (http://13thage.org/index.php/escalation-zine)

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S2-E04: Interview with Aaron Roudabush

This week, we sit down and have a chat with Aaron Roudabush (aka WolfSamurai), who has done work on a number of 13th Age products such as the Roll20 content, Organized Play, Nocturne setting, Bestiary 2, and more! He’s also continually producing 13th Age content through his Patreon.

If you haven’t checked out his Patreon, you need to do so! He’s coming out with some great stuff!