S3-E26: Random Encounters: The Planes of Dust and Ash

In the mines below Gatemark, the heroes have followed a dwharven hero from a previous Age to a portal to the Plane of Ash and Dust, which is where we pick things up with our next Random Encounter. In this Epic Tier scene, we brainstorm what players may encounter as they stride through this plane of death on their way to a showdown with the ‘big bad.’

If you want to string all these scenes together, you can listen to the past episodes here:

Episode 12: Monster Fight
Episode 18: Into the Desolates
Episode 19: Into the Tombs
Episode 21: The Mines

The setting we’re using is Ta’nar (which you can hear about in Episode 9, but this could be ported into the Dragon Empire or your own campaign world without too much difficulty.

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