S3-E24: Dark Alleys & Twisted Paths Review

Last episode we had Martin Killmann on to talk about his 13th Age books, and this week we give our Iconic Review of his latest book, “Dark Alleys & Twisted Paths.” Spoiler – it’s a great book, and you should check it out!

Be sure to pick up the book using the link above, and join in the 13th Age Discord server Martin hosts!

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2 thoughts on “S3-E24: Dark Alleys & Twisted Paths Review

  1. Hey there!

    Big fan of the podcast! I was wondering how much material from this book you’ve used in your games? I like a lot of it, but unfortunately, I have found some of it to be fairly OP. I was wondering what your played experiences using it was like?

    • Eric, thanks for reaching out to us with that question! We addressed your question in a recording we did for S4E07, so keep your ears tuned for that, but I don’t believe any of us have had the opportunity to actually use much of the material in our games yet. I do know the author is quite active on the 13A Discord server, so if you wanted to chat with him (or many others who were active in the playtest and who are using this material), you can join there and talk about how to balance the things that seem OP.

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