S2-E25: Dark Pacts and Ancient Secrets Review

This week we open the covers of Martin Killmann’s book Dark Pacts & Ancient Secrets. Listen in as we discuss the six, new 13th Age classes that are introduced, what the highlights of each are, and what they bring to 13th Age that wasn’t there before.

If you want a copy of the book, you can purchase either the PDF or print-on-demand at DriveThruRPG. The classes are also available on 13thagesrd.com and if you like the classes there, we encourage you to buy the book as well!


To find out more information on the next book Martin is working on, join the 13th Age Discord server and check out the #dark_alleys_playtest channel!

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2 thoughts on “S2-E25: Dark Pacts and Ancient Secrets Review

  1. Yet another great show, and again I like having Becca as part of the mix. Dark Pacts is an excellent supplement for 13th Age; it’s absolutely one of the best supplements I’ve purchased and I’ll be watching for Martin’s next release for sure. I thought you covered the classes with just the right amount of depth, and left the rest as sort of a tease. :)

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