Awesome 13th Age GMs

In our last session, we put a call-out to players to publicly give their GMs some kudos on GM’s Day. If you would like to add your GM to this list of “Awesome 13th Age GMs” send an email to!

And if you’re not aware of it, there’s a great GM’s Day Sale going on over at DriveThruRPG this week!

Alex’s GM

I would like to show some appreciation for my 13th age GM. The campaign has been running for 4 years now and we meet almost every week.

My GM has drawn artwork of each of the players characters and many of the predominant NPCs. Along with this he’s done detailed maps of continents and countries and it really helps to visualize and understand the world.

My GM is awesome!

Clark’s GM

Chris is an awesome GM. When our group lost one of our GM’s to another state, Chris stepped up to run his first ever 13th Age campaign. We’re a handful of sessions into 1st level. I really appreciate his generosity, giving us his time and creativity, and I’m excited to see where this campaign of ancient mysteries and iconic intrigue will take us.

Hans’ GM

My GM Clark has put in a lot of time on our latest campaign including tent cards for some temporary characters that we portrayed during a fantasy scene. we have also done some really interesting background story creation with intertwined experiences in past ages of factions that we are apart of. Long live the elf queen.


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