S2 Iconic Contest

As you may know, January is New Gamemaster Month, and to encourage you to get out and play 13th Age, we are having a contest! All you have to do to enter is run a game with at least 2 people who are new to 13th Age and tell us about it.

Just write us at iconicpodcast@gmail.com, tell us about your session, how the new players liked it, and if you’d like, include a picture of your gaming group!

We will be running this contest from now through February 21st and will select the winners randomly. Pelgrane Press have provide gift certificates for the winners, and we’ll be sharing some of the highlights on the show! Get out there and show your love for 13th Age this month!

(Update: Congratulations to our winners!)

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2 thoughts on “S2 Iconic Contest

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