S2-E21: Character Death

It is bound to happen sooner or later: somebody’s character dies. Whether they sacrificed themselves for their fellow adventurers, failed their saves, or received a critical hit at the wrong time, it can be a jarring experience.

This week Becca joins us again as we talk about different ways of handling character death and how 13th Age is designed to be a low-lethality game.

We talk a bit about Campaign Losses, and if you want to hear more about that, you can go back and listen to Season 1 Episode 11.

We’d love to hear your views on Character Death or perhaps one of your most memorable! Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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1 thought on “S2-E21: Character Death

  1. Another excellent episode! Like so many aspects of TTRPG’s character death is a place where creativity and imagination can really shine.

    One thing I think you all do very well is to make your listeners (me at least) want to participate in the podcast. I’m constantly wanting to throw in an opinion or thought or question. To my mind that means you’re choosing worthy topics and discussing them in a very listener friendly way.

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