S2-E04: Interview with Aaron Roudabush

This week, we sit down and have a chat with Aaron Roudabush (aka WolfSamurai), who has done work on a number of 13th Age products such as the Roll20 content, Organized Play, Nocturne setting, Bestiary 2, and more! He’s also continually producing 13th Age content through his Patreon.

If you haven’t checked out his Patreon, you need to do so! He’s coming out with some great stuff!

1 thought on “S2-E04: Interview with Aaron Roudabush

  1. I didn’t know WolfSamurai did the Battle Shades; just used them in a game last night, with great effect (It was 3 broken shades, a custom monster that was the resurrected skeleton of a private who had fallen in battle while under orders of one of the player characters, and a mysterious scythe wielded by said skeleton, which had strong necromantic powers and a will (and initiative) of its own). The broken shades managed to trigger their natural 2-5 effect three times, it was brutal.

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