S1-E07: Alternative uses for Icon Relationship Dice

In this episode, we talk about 13th Age Icon Relationship Rolls: what they are, what they’re not, and ways of using them not mentioned in the 13th Age Core Rulebook.

Fan-created uses:

If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment!

S1-B07: Interview with Wade Rockett

Join us as we interview Wade Rockett and hear how he got into gaming and the role he plays with Pelgrane Press. We also talk about the Midgard Bestiary and Deep Magic and how they tie into 13th Age.

Be on the lookout for the kickstarter for the Dracula Dossier later this month!

Follow Wade’s ongoing 13th Age campaign, Blackmarch.

We also introduce our first Iconic Contest! Email your take on White’s background and why the Wizard King slew him to whitedragon@iconicpodcast.com. Pelgrane Press has graciously supplied us with $20, $10, and $5 gift certificates to award the top three contestants.

S1-E06: The GGW, Combat, and the Paladin

Join us as we talk about the 13th Age Icon, the Great Gold Wyrm, and hear a couple of suggestions on how to use him in your gameplay.

In One Unique Thing, we take a look at movement and relationships in combat.

In Class Act, we discuss the Paladin and the various player options available.


S1-B02: D&D 5th Edition Review

In this bonus episode, we take a look at the 5th Edition products that are currently available: the Starter Set, the Basic Rules, the Player’s Handbook, and the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure.

Download the free Basic Rules
Download the free supplement to Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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S1-E04: Creating your own Icons

In this episode, we discuss how to create Icons for your own setting and who would be good Icons to use from some fictional works: Forgotten Realms, Malazan, and Ta’nar, the world of JM’s creation. We answer some listener questions on how to use Icon Relationships with your own Icons, and we take an in-depth look at the 13th Age Barbarian class.

Examples of fan-created Icons:
Vault of the 13th Age Icon submissions
Parsantium Icons

Other Links:
13th Age Icon Relationship Chart
Dungeon Bastard’s Bumble Durkens