S1-B20: Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars


In this week’s episode, we take a look at Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG books: Edge of the Empire (EotE) and Age of Rebellion (AoR). Guest host Calvin Krug joins us and adds a wealth of Star Wars information to the discussion.

We go over the mechanics of the system and the unique perspectives the two books bring to a Star Wars Role Playing Game.

Links to Free Resources
EotE Adventure: Under a Black Sun
EotE Adventure: Long Arm of the Hutt
AoR Adventure: Operation: Shadowpoint


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S1-E24: Failing Forward


With the type of heroic characters you are playing in 13th Age, failure shouldn’t happen all that often. So what do you do when you don’t roll high enough? In this episode, we talk about what it means to Fail Forward.

One of the things we mention is Plot Immunity, which you can read more by visiting JM’s blog.
If you have a story of how you or your players failed forward, we’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below or on our Google+ page!

S1-B19: Princes of the Apocalypse

PrincesOfTheApocalypseIn this episode, we take a look at the Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Princes of the Apocalypse. We briefly go over the history of the Elemental Evil line of products then delve into the latest campaign, in which the players are tasked with hunting down four elementally-aligned cults and stopping the Elemental Princes from unleashing their destructive power on the Dessarin Valley!

Wizards of the Coast and Sasquatch Game Studio did a great job on this product, and it is well worth picking up. Even if you’re not going to run it using the DnD system, it’d be an easy port into a number of other systems, including 13th Age!

Links to the Free Players Guide
Wizards.com (pdf)
DriveThruRPG (pdf or PoD)

You can find the original Temple of Elemental Evil over at dndclassics.com.

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S1-E23: Sorcerers


The Sorcerer is a fantastic class to play in 13th Age – you have the ability to wield magic, but you don’t necessarily have the training to go along with it. And uncontrollable power always leads to interesting situations.


In this episode, we talk about the unique features of the Sorcerer class: Gather Power, Breath Weapon, and Chain. We also talk about some of the Heritages and Spells available to Sorcerers, and how to make your sorcerer that much more interesting.

If you’re wanting to expand the options even further, be sure to check out Deep Magic by Kobold Press.

S1-E22: Monster Creation

13thAgeMonsterIn this episode, we explain how to create your own monsters for 13th Age.

Creating a monster is as easy as reskinning or stealing powers from another monster, but if you want to truly make your own, you’ll want to check out the DIY Monsters section of the 13th Age Core book (p252-255) and the Monster Creation section of the Bestiary (p228-232).

Pelgrane Press’ Monster List
Vault of the 13th Age Monsters
13th Age Monsters with Icon Relationships
Ryven Cedrylle’s Monster Toolkit

[expand title=”Modarach“]
A thousand-year old scorpion spawned during a previous age, the Modarach likes to hide beneath sandy soil and jump out, quickly attacking nearby foes.

The rarity of these creatures serves only to make them more valuable to those who seek to protect something.

Large 4th level wrecker [BEAST]
Initiative: +6

Gigantic Pincers: +9 vs AC (2 attacks) – 14 damage
Dual Hit: If both pincers hit during the same turn, the Modarach can make a Stinger attack during its next turn as a standard action.

[Special Trigger] Stinger: +12 vs AC – 20 damage, and 5 ongoing poison damage

Make ’em bleed: When escalation die is odd, damage from Gigantic Pincers increases by 6 while AC is reduced by 2.

Serious burrower: An Modarach can burrow incredibly quickly for short distances. They will create mounds of sand and dirt as they surge through the ground. (see page 200 for burrow rules)

Nastier Special:
It’s Not a Stinger!
Once per battle, after a successful Stinger attack, deal half damage and the character has been implanted with the Modarach’s offspring. After next full rest, character chooses between spending two recoveries to remove the offspring or losing CON * level HP and gaining an Arachi as a [wonderous] magic item. You regain lost HP when you dispose of the Arachi (spend 2 recoveries after a long rest).

AC 20
PD 18
MD 14
HP 108

Arachi (Wondrous Item)
Once per battle when the escalation die is 3+, the Arachi can erupt from your flesh and savagely attack your enemies. You take 1d4*lvl damage.

Sic ’em: +2*lvl vs AC – 1d8*lvl damage and 1d6*lvl ongoing poison damage

Quirk: Constantly itchy
[expand title=”The Infected/Chaos Affected“]
Infected/Chaos Touched

A byproduct of living too close or in a Hellhole, the infected are normal plants, animals, or humanoids that have been changed under the relentless effects of Chaos.

Waves of chaotic energy have mutated the insects in the surrounding area, making then grow large and aggressive.

Large Mutated Insect/lvl 5/Mook
Initiative +12
Bite /Sting +11 vs AC, 10 damage
Miss 3
Spittle attack – On a natural 18-20 the insect makes a poison spittle attack as a free action
Poison spittle +10 vs PD target is Weakened (pg 172 core book)
Flight – Insects are skilled at flying and hovering around a target
Shifty – Mutated insects are shifty from a lifelong avoidance of fly swatters and receive a +5 AC vs opportunity attacks

AC 20 HP 22
PD 19
MD 16

It has been determined that living near a Hellhole can be hazardous to your health. If the Demons don’t get you first, the environment will.

Double Strength Mutated Humanoid/lvl 6/ Wrecker
Initiative +10
Claw/Bite (2 attacks) +12 vs AC, 30 damage
Miss 10
Resist Fire 13+ or 1/2 damage
Explosive Personality – When the infected is reduced to 0 HP it explodes, damaging nearby enemies, +10 vs PD target weakened
Stench Aura – Enemies engaged in melee with an infected and have less than 30 hp (see fear aura p 200) are dazed by the stench of the infected.

Nastier Special – On every even number facing on the escalation die, the infected heal 1/2 of the damage already taken. Ah the effects of Chaos are varied and wonderful!

AC 18 HP 200
PD 17
MD 14

Icons – Though not confirmed she had anything planned, most people blame the Diabolist for these mutations.
[expand title=”Blood Daemon“]
They are formed from the blood of a sacrifice and bound to the essence of a daemon of the outside.

Large 12th level Spoiler [Daemon]
Initiative: +18

Roll on the Demon Random Ability Table
Resistance: Physical Damage 16+
Vulnerability: holy
Aura of Vengeance (Fear): 120

Weapons formed of blood (2 attacks) mww- +20 vs. AC—150 damage
16+ to hit: 15 ongoing damage

Engulf – +17 vs. PD (a creature of up to one size larger)—Engulf target creature. Target creature is
Blinded, stuck, and vulnerable until freed from this attack. At the start of the round, when the escalation die increases, make the Drowning in Blood attack against the engulfed target. An engulfed target may make a disengage check at -5 to pop free from the Hystalli on his turn. The Hystalli automatically lets go when it is staggered or dead.
Drowning in Blood:
+17 vs. PD
On a hit, the Hystalli leaches life from the target. Hystalli heals for 30 and the target must make a last gasp save.

Retribution! – When the escalation die is 1+, keep track of what the players roll. If a character would hit a target only due to the escalation die, the attacker takes 25 points of damage. You may describe this retribution as the Hystalli greeting the attack by extruding bloody thorns, blood spikes, or a bloody bolt.

Double-strength monster: Hystalli count as two 12th level monsters when you are building battles.

AC 28
PD 26 HP 500
MD 22

S1-B18: The Breaking of Forstor Nagar

BreakingOfForstorNagarThis week, we’re taking a look at the 13th Age conversion of The Breaking of Forstor Nagar by Rite Publishing. It’s a rescue mission – one where you’re pitted against a horde of cannibals and a glacier that’s actively seeking to destroy you. Can you get in and convince the person of interest to leave? Can you get out alive?

In this spoiler-heavy session, we go over what we liked and disliked about it in the hopes of giving you a clear picture of what you’re getting when you purchase this product.

S1-E21: Amethyst: Apotheosis

13thAge_AmethystApotheosisIn this week’s episode, we review Dias Ex Machina’s Amethyst: Apotheosis. It’s a post-apocalyptic setting where magic and technology exist simultaneously. But while they’re both present, they don’t play nicely together.

The 13th Age adaptation of Amethyst introduces some very nice tech mechanics, giving you what you need to use technology at your table. For example, they cover several new tech classes, vehicle movement, and weapon rules.

If you want to snag a copy of it, head over to RPGNow.

S1-E20: A Tour of Axis

13thAgeAxisJoin us this week as we explore the capitol of the Dragon Empire, Axis. We talk about the unique aspects of the city and how you might use it in your 13th Age game – both as a GM and a player.

Playing in such a massive city could lead you to need additional mass combat rules, outlined on Pelgrane Press’ website.

Nick took the challenge given to him in Episode 18 to do a write-up on a ‘Model Fighter,’ and placed him in a game of Tusk set in Axis.

If you have used Axis creatively in your campaign or have an opinion as to why there’s no cheese in Axis, we’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

S1-B16: Denver Gamefest 2015

Starfest2015In this episode, we have the privilege of having Cameron from Petrie’s Family Games join us to talk about this year’s Gamefest in Denver, Colorado.

Cameron gives a brief history of Petrie’s Family Games and what sets this game store apart from the others, then we delve into this year’s Starfest and specifically Gamefest. The Gamefest guests of honor this year are Jonathan Tweet, Scott Morris, and Jay Little!

The ‘fest will run from April 17th through the 19th, and you can get tickets and find more information at http://starfestdenver.com.

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