S3-E01: Shards of the Broken Sky Review

For our first episode of Season 3, we take a look at the soon-to-be-released Shards of the Broken Sky. It’s a great sandbox setting that you can run through multiple times or pull bits and pieces out for your own campaign. Listen in as we give a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of what’s in the book!

The long-anticipated book is now available for pre-order at Pelgrane Press’ website, and for the fantastic listeners of the Iconic Podcast, you can use this voucher code to receive a 10% discount off your pre-order!


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2 thoughts on “S3-E01: Shards of the Broken Sky Review

  1. An excellent review; not glowing, but truthful, and that’s the way it should be, well done. This was a notoriously late product, I wonder if that lateness had an effect on that last chapter. For my part I’m disappointed to hear there’s a “keep going until the characters are dead or give up”, that’s not a game I see myself playing.
    Glad to hear there’s plenty of valuable content throughout the book, especially the races (and some of the monsters sound cool). It sounds like for me this would be something similar to Fire & Faith or the other battle books (which I think are excellent).
    This was a very timely episode! Maybe Overworld and Beyond will be up soon? I got to name a Tavern in that one! :)

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