S2-E17: Fantasy Grounds

One of the challenges in playing RPGs is finding enough people to get together to play. But with the prevalence of the internet and virtual table top programs, distance is less of an issue. This week we have a guest host join us as we take a look at Fantasy Grounds and its official 13th Age modules.

If you’re interested in purchasing Fantasy Grounds or its modules, you can do so either on Fantasy Ground’s website or through Steam (program and modules).

We mentioned in the show that Matthew Colville has some excellent tutorial videos available about Fantasy Grounds, and you can watch them here.

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1 thought on “S2-E17: Fantasy Grounds

  1. I’d certainly be interested in more FG/13th Age content. Also more Becca, she is a great addition! I’ve done Savage Worlds on FG a lot, and have been very tempted by the 13th Age content. Here are some of my reactions to your excellent discussion.

    – FG learning curve: Oddly, the learning curve can also swing toward easy due to FG, despite its complexity. For a player especially you don’t have to learn your attacks for example, you just need to know what button or shortcut key/button to click. Want to attack with your sword? Click the attack button next to the sword in your inventory. For new players using pre-gens they can jump right in (see note about FGCon below).

    – Learning Fantasy Grounds
    https://fantasygroundscollege.net/ is a great resource using Discord
    – Fantasy Grounds Beginner videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3h0dIaiayC9ekuebxVtnAY14aKlT4GJB

    – Fantasy Grounds has an online con once or twice a year (https://www.fg-con.com/). This is a great way to experience FG with an experienced GM, for free. You just download the free client and sign up for a game you’re interested in. It’ll be a bit before the next one (the last one was only a month ago) but it’s worth noting.

    – One thing I love about FG is the easy availability of foes. Because it’s all digital I can jump quickly into a monster manual or a series of pre-generated foes (pirates, guards, etc), grab whatever I need, and drop them into the combat tracker. Super easy.

    My Savage Worlds group consists of myself in Wisconsin and players in North Carolina, Arizona, and Ohio. No way we’re pulling that off without a good VTT.

    I have no affiliation with Fantasy Grounds, it’s just something I’ve used successfully in the past both online and in person.

    Excellent episode, as usual!

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