S1-E29: Season One Finale

Join us as we wrap up Season One of the Iconic Podcast by reminiscing over our favorite episodes and where we are all at just over a year later. We would love to hear feedback on what was your favorite episode or part of this season, so send us an email or leave a comment! And a huge thank you goes out to all our listeners!

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1 thought on “S1-E29: Season One Finale

  1. Loved listening to you guys on Pocket Casts! :) In fact, this was the first Podcast I really listened to back when my GM started a 13th Age game… I’ve never posted anything but am a big fan. Hearing your reviews of classes, concepts, and monsters was my favorite part — but I loved just listening in as you guys reminisced about past games and reviewed modules, too. (And the interviews were always great.)

    Thanks for doing the show for so long and for keeping it so interesting! And if life lets up, I’m looking forward to the second season. :)

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