Hiatus Announcement

This last year of hosting the Iconic Podcast has been fantastic; we’ve put out 27 regular episodes and 20 bonus episodes, which have collectively been downloaded over 14,000 times! And while we love the show, our lives are far busier now than when we started. One of our goals in starting the podcast was that it would be a high-quality show, and that takes a considerable amount of time to do – time we are struggling to find. So on August 10th, we will be putting the Iconic Podcast on a hiatus. We have four more episodes planned in the meantime: one more regular episode (a discussion with Rob and Jonathan about the future of 13th Age), two more bonus episodes (on the One Ring and Cypher System core books), and a season finale with us reminiscing about our favorite moments of the show thus far. Stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

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