S1-B15: Interview with ASH LAW

ASHLAWASH LAW is back for another interview! This time we get to pick his brain about the projects he’s working on: Deep Magic, 13th Age in GloranthaOrganized Play.

We also delve into one of the recent Tales of the 13th Age ( The Wyrm’s Tale) and get a sneak peek at the upcoming Shards of the Broken Sky and Book(s) of Icons.

Don’t forget we did another episode on Organized Play (and The Crusader’s Fist) back in Episode 14, and we have our Get Out and Run 13th Age contest if you’ve run a Tales of the 13th Age session.


1 thought on “S1-B15: Interview with ASH LAW

  1. “Blood and bones of the world are parts of the gods” I love this, and developed this idea on my own in my own campaign setting. Really love ASH LAW’s way of thinking.

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